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Use this listing in conjunction with an outfit you’ve picked out to make it reversible.  Use this listing to detail the fabrics and selections for the 2nd side of outfit. Note:  The “reversible without applique” option will only work if you also select “none” for the applique choices.

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Our reversible clothing is one of our favorite features!  In fact, sometimes our motto here at Soda City Sewing is “Why Not Make it Reversible?”  If you’re going to invest in a quality outfit, you may as well get twice the use out of it!  Any of our Shortalls, Longalls, A-Line Dresses, and Snap Dresses can be made Reversible by adding this to your cart.

To order a reversible outfit, first pick out an outfit and put that in your cart, customized how you’d like it.  Then add this add-on to your order.  On this listing, select the fabrics and monograms that you’d like on the other side.

NO APPLIQUE:  To select an outfit without an applique, choose “Reversible without applique” in the drop down, and also select “None” form the applique choices.

HOW TO CHOOSE:  The outfits work best if the fabrics are slightly different but work together.  You won’t see much of the other fabric but you may see some peeking out around the straps or hem at certain angles.  So it doesn’t have to match, but extra points if it does!  Some choose the same fabric for both sides with different appliques or monograms.  It’s totally up to you!  The buttons have to be the same size, so in some cases I may use my best judgement on which buttons to use.

CUSTOMIZE: If you like a certain applique but in another fabric, feel free to ask me and I can probably accommodate!

SIZING:  Check the size chart to determine the best fitting size at

FONTS:  Font Choices and thread colors for the outfits are available in the last picture.

This ‘add on’ ships free with any outfit.  There’s no additional shipping charge (even with upgrades), to make the outfit reversible.

Thanks for visiting Soda City Sewing, where we make monogrammed baby boutique clothes customized just for you!


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