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Columbia SC Monogramming Service

We can embroider towels, sheets, and other items for our Columbia, SC customers!

Columbia SC Monogramming Services

While we’re known for our handmade children’s clothes, Soda City Sewing offers Columbia SC monogramming services for your own items too! We work out of a home in downtown Soda City, in the historic Cottontown neighborhood, 1407 Confederate Ave, Columbia, SC 29201. Since the office is out of a home, we are often there, but not all the time. Appointments are welcome, or you are welcome to drop off an item to be monogrammed any time in our Porch Pickup Bookcase!

You can call or text Bayne at 803-216-5522 (or email) to tell us what you need monogrammed or embroidered. After we get some more information, we do have a drop-off and pick-up box on the porch for your convenience!

Our turnaround time is typically one week. If you need it immediately, we can rush your order in 3 days for a $10 per item fee, or $25 for 1 business day, based on availability.

Monogram Your own Items Pricing

  • Small Monogram (2-3″) (Collars, Sleeves, Kids Pockets): $12
  • Medium Monogram (4-5″) (Purses, Bodysuits, Bathrobe): $12-$15
  • Large Monogram (5-8″) (Shams, Totes, Pillows): $15
  • Extra Large Monogram (8-12″) (Beach Towel, Shower Curtain): $20
  • Monograms on Towels (We recommend the thinner towels for embroidery): $12-$20 depending on size of monogram (up to 12″ wide)
  • Appliques (Kids Shirts, Bags): $15
  • Baseball Cap Monogram: $15
  • Golf Bags & Tailgate Chairs:  $25 (depends on the size/structure of the bag or pocket)
  • Specialty Items (Shoes, Luggage, Toiletry Bags): Send us a picture!
  • Bulk discounts may be available for 5 or more of the same item (Great for bridesmaids, graduation, or group gifts!)
  • Prices may vary based on pocket placements, thickness of fabric, etc.
soda city sewing monogram font and thread colors

Our font and thread color options. Some fonts may not work well on all materials, so let us recommend the perfect font options for your project.

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Call or text 803-216-5522

Address: 1407 Confederate Ave, Columbia, SC 29201

Hours: By Appointment, or Utilize our Porch Drop Book Shelf anytime!

We’d love to be your Columbia SC monogramming shop of choice!

columbia sc embroidery studio

Our sewing and embroidery studio in downtown Columbia, SC