About Us

Meet Bayne Dangerfield, owner of Soda City Sewing

I’m Bayne, the owner of Soda City Sewing. I started this business in 2012 with an embroidery/sewing machine combo from eBay and a collection of thrifted cloth! I was lucky to find support early on in wonderful Etsy customers, and since have been able to grow my business with professional machines, and the best fabrics, expanding to my own website and beginning an Amazon store as well. A proud moment for me was when I was able to stay home with my first son Leo, in 2014, to run Soda City Sewing full time, from home. A few years later, in 2017, we welcomed twin babies Jude and Annie during an unexpectedly premature birth at 28 weeks. While caring for them in the NICU, we learned that our daughter has special medical needs, and neither twin will have the lung development or immune system to handle day care for a few years. Therefore, your support and patronage of my “stay at home mom” business becomes even more important to our family. I am incredibly grateful for the flexibility to have managed NICU visits, doctor’s appointments and day to day baby care, all while working in a business that I love!


 Soda City Sewing is made up of several amazing team members, who work in our studio or from their homes. We thrive with the help of local moms, students, and professionals who help us cut fabric, sew, and package items. What you buy here is truly made in America, and your purchase goes to support real families, just like yours!  Our current team includes Bailey, Alyssa, Olivia and Lauren helping in our studios.  We also rely on Amber, Sarah, and Anais to cut fabric and sew from their homes to keep our outfits ready to create.  These women make it possible to offer reasonable turnaround times for handmade items.


boys back to school outfit

Leo, 5 years old

We are not the typical monogramming shop! Most dresses, shortalls, and longalls are completely hand crafted from fabric, here in South Carolina. Each one can take hours to complete and is made to your order. The majority of our embroidery designs are also created here, and so we are able to offer outfit combinations you cannot get anywhere else! We take time to create exactly the outfit you’ve chosen.  When you receive it, know it was created just for you, with much care and attention.


Our delivery guarantees! At checkout, you can choose when to receive your items. Standard delivery can be 2-3 weeks, but, if you need something sooner, you’ll see options for as soon as 5 days, 1 week, 1.5 weeks, 2 weeks or 2.5 weeks. This means you can rest assured that you’ll get your outfit in time for the big day!

girls back to school outfit apple appliqueWE LOVE YOU!

Thanks SO much for visiting and supporting our small business. Your purchase helps support my family, and also provides extra income for the families of my amazing seamstresses and fabric cutters, who are local moms, artists, and students. So every dollar you spend here is likely paying for a college class, a daughter’s ballet lesson, or a special Christmas gift. We are grateful you chose to shop small and with Soda City Sewing- You are appreciated!


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