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Soda City Sewing’s Bayne Dangerfield is a 2020 Etsy U Instructor

How to improve your Etsy shop photography to create more online sales

Did you know that photos are the single biggest driver for online sales? They make a huge difference in both CLICKS and CONVERSIONS. You don’t need a fancy camera to improve your images.

We’ll break it down for you in this 2 hour online live webinar! Watch live, on your screen, and learn how to take the most interesting photos to convey your branding, attract your target audience, and help them fall in love with your product! We’ll cover flat lay and studio photography as well as modeled lifestyle shots.

Soda City Sewing’s Bayne Dangerfield will share all she’s learned as she reached over 18,000 sales on Etsy, which has allowed her to build her full time sewing business (with employees!).


You don’t have to have great equipment or knowledge to take better photos. The photo on the below left is not pretty, but it’s where I started in 2012!   The photo on the right was one that I got free for giving the outfit to the photographer!  All of my current photos aren’t perfect (that’s not even the goal). They do convert shoppers into buyers (that’s the goal!) So start where you are, and we’ll improve from there.



The cost for the 2 hour webinar is $10. If you can get one more sale from what you learn, the class will have paid for itself!


The class will be held Wednesday, September 30th 6:30 -8:30 PM EST. (If you are interested, but can’t attend this one, please email me ( to let me know the times of day that work best for you. If there is significant need for a 2nd class due to availability, I’ll consider it!)


The curriculum (Etsy Shop Photography) is brought to you by Etsy itself! Etsy’s provided slides with all the latest, up to date information, and Bayne has added tons of extra information- tips and anecdotes from a full time Etsy seller on how to make it happen on Etsy!

We’ll cover the different types of photography to use in your listings, talk about editing photos (this is key!), and which photos attract buyers. We’ll cover why some photos are more successful than others on Etsy, and how to test them in your shop.

The first class will be limited to 100 people, with a chat function, and several question and answer periods. We’ll screen share so that you can see lots of examples and how-to’s. It will be held live and also recorded if you have to miss it (although it’s preferred to show up “live”)!

bayne dangerfield etsy coaching teacher


Class Presented by: Bayne Dangerfield, owner of Soda City Sewing (over 18,000 Etsy sales!).  Pictured above in her studio.

Bayne has built Soda City Sewing from scratch and credits her success with opening an Etsy shop! Etsy remains the bulk of Soda City Sewing’s sales, although we now also sell on Amazon, Amazon handmade,, and Facebook Group: Soda City Sewing VIP. Bayne’s been going through training with the Etsy Instructor program since March, and has also taught several Etsy classes locally in Columbia, SC, in addition to being the first Entrepreneur in Residence at Richland Library in Spring 2019!

Etsy Shop Photography class

Join us For Improving your Etsy Shop Photography on Wednesday, September 16th, 6:30-8:30 PM and learn how to take photos to set your Etsy listings apart. Register for the live Zoom Webinar here.

We’re also hosted an Etsy Search and SEO webinar on Wednesday, September 16th.  It’s not too late to purchase the recording of that session. Click here for more info on that!