We offer a variety of processing and shipping times to make sure you get your outfit when you need it! At checkout, you’ll see multiple options for when your item will be delivered. Note these are the delivery date, so if you need it for a special event, you probably need it delivered the day before. Most items are shipped via USPS, and some with UPS or Fedex. 

Shipping Guarantee

We guarantee that delivery date with the option to return the item for a full refund if late. If you still want to keep the item and it arrives late, you’ll be able to keep with refunded shipping. Rest assured that our shipping methods are reliable, and we are proud that far less than 1% of our packages are delivered later than promised!

gift wrap options

Gift Wrap Options

At checkout, you’ll be able to add the option to gift wrap your items. Most items are wrapped as pictured, but we may do it differently for very large orders being wrapped. We’ll use light pink twine for girls’ items, light blue for boys’ outfits, and red twine for Christmas orders. String and twine may vary slightly. Gift wrap can be added at checkout, if you enter their address, we can ship directly to your recipient!


We are happy to include a brief note, free of charge, to be included in the package or with the gift wrap. Please leave your note during checkout, and you’ll be able to ship it directly to the recipient if you enter their address.