How to get Found in Etsy Search (and Beyond)!




How do people find your listings out of the millions of similar items on Etsy??!!

Are you trying to figure out how to get found in Etsy Search? We’ll break it down for you in this prerecorded webinar.  Watch at your convenience, and learn how to optimize your listings for Etsy (and Google) search! We’ll also throw in actionable tips on developing product lines that really do get found in search. Soda City Sewing’s Bayne Dangerfield will share all she’s learned as she reached over 18,000 sales on Etsy, which has allowed her to build her full time sewing business (with employees!).

The webinar includes a link to a shared drive that hosts the 2 hour video recording, the presentation slides, and several worksheets to help you brainstorm keywords and product line.   You are guaranteed to learn from the class, or I’ll be happy to refund you!  (Note: You must watch the webinar and implement the ideas for it to work 🙂 )



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