My First Office (2014-2021)

home office soda city sewing columbia
soda city sewing home studio office

Small but Mighty

My 17′ by 9′ sewing office is much smaller than a bedroom, but somehow we manage to fit 4 machines, 2 workers, and hundreds of yards of fabric in this small narrow space! It’s in a 100 year old house in downtown Columbia, and this part of the house used to be part of a wrap-around porch.

home sewing studio office craft room

Ikea Makes Great Sewing Furniture

My favorite Ikea pieces are the Alex drawers. These are shallow drawers, perfect for organizing thread, bobbins, zippers, ribbons, shipping envelopes, sewing machine tools, clothing tags, and more. I have 4 of the smaller ones pictured above acting as desks (in combination with Linnmon desktops and a few legs. ) One desk area is for the computer/printer/shipping station. One area is for sewing, and one for the serger. I love that when I move, I can reconfigure them if needed!

On the far wall, I have 4 Kvissle Magazine Racks holding label paper, card stock, notebooks, checkbooks, and catalogs. The blackout curtains are also from ikea! They are really simple, but so effective at keeping out the sun on this west-facing room in the afternoon.

soda city sewing home office sewing embroidery craft room

Seen in this photo on the left are also the wider Alex drawers on castors. These make a great printer stand and shipping combo for me, as they are just slightly lower height than a desk. You could use them under a desk however, if it stands up with legs. I’ve also got a strong magnetic knife rack on the right of the photo that’s great for scissors.

soda city sewing home studio office

In this view of my office, you can see on the right the shelving I had custom made for the heights of the most common 2 sizes of fabric bolts. Over the years, more fabric is now stored elsewhere but the shelves are still ideal for shipping boxes, and I keep the day’s shirts to embroider in adjustable racks on these shelves as well. At the very top, I keep extra shipping supplies, separated by shelf dividers. I use a kik-step stool to easily reach to the top!

embroidery room storage solutions for hoops

Against the wall in between two embroidery machines, I put up pegboard from Amazon with hooks that easily hold my favorite Mighty Hoops. The hoops I use less frequently are tucked away beside a machine, also on pegboard hooks.

sewing office seamstress

Hope you’ve enjoyed the tour of my sewing studio and office!

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