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Your set of 2 fabric masks will ensure more are donated to a medical office in need.  These are 3 layers of 100% cotton with a pocket for a filter (filter (not included) is optional).  Elastic around the ears, pleats for a snug fit.  Choose from 3 fabric designs.  Most men prefer “Large” size, and most women prefer “Regular” size.  Local Columbia SC Pickup can use code PICKUP to do contactless pick up in downtown Columbia.


Soda City Sewing has joined in to make masks for individual use and is donating masks to Healtchare offices!  Your order of 2 personal use masks will help continue making these donations possible.    By popular demand, this listing includes choices from our three most popular fabrics:  a solid color face mask, floral option, and neutral grey gingham choice.

We have added a larger size that seems to be preferable for most men. These are 1″ taller and the elastic is .5″ longer. Most people can wear the “Regular” size (men and women). However, most men may find the “Large” size more comfortable, and some women may prefer that as well. You may want to order “Regular” size for teens. In the photos, the man with grey is wearing “Large” and woman with floral mask has “Regular”.

We do not encourage mask use for children under 3, as they can pose a suffocation risk for infants. Our child size is for 6-10 year olds, and toddler size is for 3-5 year olds. Many 12 year olds and up wear the regular adult size. Use your judgement however- I have 3 year old twins where one wears a child size and one wears a toddler size. So please select the option that best represents their size (if not age) at checkout.


With this listing, you select which fabric design you prefer.  (We also have a listing where you get a *surprise* fabric after choosing your preferences.)  This listing is designed for those who want to know what they are getting!  Choose from our three most popular patterns:  Grey Solid, Grey Gingham or Vintage Floral design.  All fabrics are available in all 4 sizes!  


  • Ours have elastic ear loops for easy on/off.
  • 2 Adjustable Metal Nose Strips included with each mask.
  • Machine washable and dryer safe for easy care.
  • Personalized Monogram is optional
  • Three layers of 100% cotton fabric, including a filter pocket. 
  • Pleated at sides for a snug fit
  • Regular Adult Size:  Approximately 8.5×3″ finished with 6″ of elastic
  • Large Adult Size:  Approximately 8.5×4″ finished with 6.5″ of elastic
  • Child Size (6-11):  Approximately 7×2.5″ with 5.5″ of elastic
  • Toddler Size (3-5): Approximately 6.5 x 2.5″ with 5″ of elastic

This helpful article also mentions possible filter options. 

NOSE WIRE   Our masks now include 2 Metal Nose Strips to make the mask even more form fitting around your nose.  These stick onto the mask, and can be reused for a while and thrown away.  Remove them from your mask when washing.   Purchase more nose strips here.

Best practices

  • Not ideal for front line contact with infected people
  • Best for medical offices where risk is not as great
  • Varying studies tout 50-70% blockage of airborne particles in 2 layer masks without filters
    • Our (unscientifically tested) hope is 3 layers plus a filter helps that percentage
  • Any type of mask can prevent touching of face, which is helpful
  • Many are putting fabric mask OVER a medical grade mask so that mask can be reused longer and protected

If you have a medical office in need of masks, please email from an official work email address.

  • Number of males and females who need masks
  • Type of office
  • Mailing Address
  • Any special requests (Pediatric fabrics, etc)

We’ll reply back with whether we can meet your need, and if we can’t, we’ll submit your request to our seamstress groups to find them.

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    The masks came quickly, look nice, and were very well made! Thanks so much!

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