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Fabric Scrap Pack- Get an envelope or box filled with great fabric scraps from Robert Kaufman plaids. Price includes shipping!

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We love scrap fabric!  But we create too many scraps to ever be able to use by ourselves.  So we offer our plaid fabric scraps for sale from time to time.  The project ideas are endless.  Quilt it all!  Bibs, Blankets, Totes, Burp Cloths, Skirts, Aprons, and More!  Or use the scraps for tiny projects like bow ties, applique, headbands, or embellishments.   And know that your using scraps helps the environment by limiting wasted pieces!

The pieces in this scrap pack are from Robert Kaufman Fabrics.  We use the Nantucket 3″ Patchwork Plaids in Sorbet, Redwood, Americana and Sunrise.  Also included are scraps from other plaids we use, such as Sevenberry Classic Tartan Plaid, or Citrus Seersucker Plaid.  The amount of each fabric varies based on the time of year and what fabrics we are cutting into.  If there is a fabric you want more of, please let us know that in the comments.

AMOUNT OF SCRAPS  I package the scraps in two sizes.  I will either fill a Priority Mail Padded Flat Rate Envelope (12.5″ x 9.5″), or a Priority Mail Box A (11″ x 13″ x 2.5″or equivalent).  The containers are in the pictures with the amount of fabric they hold.    The price includes shipping for each box.  Most of the cost is for shipping!

SCRAP SIZE  As a general rule, we save pieces that are bigger than our hand.  The picture with the phone is  to show approximate style and shape of the scraps

PREWASHED    Typically we pre-wash our fabric (in plain hot water without detergent).  This makes sure that future shrinkage doesn’t ruin your finished project.  

BULK FABRIC DISCOUNT   Need more?  Send me your zip and I can look up custom size shipping options for you!

Fabric is shipping rate C, ready to ship!  It will ship within 3 business days.  Orders of 1-2 yards are shipped first class to arrive within 1.5 weeks of ordering.  Orders of 3 yards or more ship priority to arrive within 1 week from ordering, at no extra cost to you!

Thanks for visiting Soda City Sewing, where we’d love to send you our fabric scraps to inspire your projects!


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