Women’s Infinity Scarf- Feathers


This fun scarf comes in a feathery print on onion skin fabric.  It’s very thin, stretch fabric that works great on a scarf.  Multi colored to match anything!

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Our lightweight onion-skin fabrics make perfect spring and fall scarves!  This cute pattern features feathers in all colors floating merrily around.  The great color scheme makes it easy to match with your outfits!  It is an infinity scarf, one big loop, and there are tons of ways to wear them!  These are great for in between seasons, as the fabric is very thin and airy.

SIZES   Choose to get the single loop (72″), double loop (40″), or children’s size (36″ and narrower) at checkout- whichever your preference.  These are super cute when mommy and daughter sport the same one!

Note:  We dont recommend monogramming this particular scarf due to the nature of the fabric.

Our women’s scarves are Shipping Rate A.  There are several delivery options at checkout to choose from- you can get it in as few as 5 days, up to 2 weeks!  You choose the option that works best for you.

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