Heirloom Quality Baby Clothes

heirloom quality baby clothesI love the tangible belongings that carry with them a story.

The linen boys romper tells a story of love.  I hand made it just for my son.  I learned to sew thinking of my mother, who sewed for my sister and me when we were young.   I still feel proud and special remembering the great care she took picking out clothes for my sister and I, and smocking so many of them.  I remember her making special bathing suits for our dolls to swim in the pool with us.  I remember her taking me to shop for hours and hours for just the right white dress for my 8th grade graduation (back when there was no way to search “classic girls white dress” on the internet!).   I even remember how she had a neighbor make us so many of the little frilly monogrammed bloomers.  Those are the memories that make a child really feel loved.  The time, care, and effort even more so than the things themselves.  This is a large part of why I wanted to sew.  I wanted to show love for the new mommies and babies in my life in the same way.   Maybe that’s why most of my patterns feel a little nostalgic, and the baby clothes I make seem to have a vintage style.   To me, they tell a story of love and care.   I strive to make heirloom quality baby clothes in the hopes that my creations have a story of their own.



vintage romper for boysheirloom sewing outfit

I didn’t make this one, but the little blue gingham jon jon pictured here tells a story too.

The outfit got passed on from my cousin (who wore in 1985) to my son (wore in 2016) to his nephew (will wear in 2016), and someday, surely, to his son too!    I’m lucky my aunt made that special purchase back then to connect these two boys today.

I love getting to share children’s clothing that other loved ones have worn.  Comparing the pictures and sharing the memories with that boy’s mama.  It creates a special connection.  I like to think that some of my son’s new or handmade baby clothes could be keepsakes, treasured and passed on to his child someday.  And that they will feel just as special.

The baby blanket my son got as a gift, the crocheted hat, handmade burp cloths, the impossibly tiny booties, the specially painted artwork, a set of vintage childrens books, and the old wooden baby chair all hold a special place in my heart as gifts that show so much love.   They took much more attention and thoughtfulness than scanning a baby registry, and I feel lucky every time I see these things that have so much character.


Heirloom quality clothing is special.  Treat yourself, your friends, or your kids to a few curated, treasured pieces that will be fondly looked back on for a lifetime.

Please share your story:  I would love to hear about anything your children have received or passed down that you’ll never forget.  Email those stories or pictures to bayne@sodacitysewing.com and i’d love to share!




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